Save Money and Recycle with Scrap Crafts

Many of the items that most people discard on a daily basis can actually be used as craft supplies. If you just think creatively, you’ll be able to save money and recycle cans, bottles, cardboard and many other materials, simply by transforming them into something new. You might even be able to sell your creations to earn more money!

Glass Bottles and Jars

There are a number of crafts you can make from glass bottles and jars. You can purchase a set of glass paints, which are transparent and look beautiful when painted on bottles and jars.

Acrylic-based paints are the best choice for children, but there are also solvent-based paints that work best if an adult will be making the craft. You can also use opaque paints to create interesting painted jars and bottles.

You can even use leftover flat wall paint and spray paint on glass, especially if you plan to add a glaze sealant when finished. Before painting, clean the glass thoroughly to improve paint adhesion.

It usually works best to apply light colors first. After they are dry, add the darker colors.

If using standard latex or acrylic paints, apply a clear gloss glaze as the final step to help preserve the finish.

Tin Can Crafts

If you’re like most people, you discard or recycle numerous tin cans each day. However, they can be used to create many interesting craft projects. Cans with plastic lids can be painted and used as decorative storage containers.

However, even if the can doesn’t have a lid, you might be able to find a plastic lid from other containers which will fit.

Spray paint designed for metal surfaces works well on cans. Once the can has been painted a solid color, you can use enamel paints and an artist’s brush to add designs. Or, use decals to make the job even simpler.

You can also use an awl or other sharp object to carefully punch holes into the side of the can to make a decorative candle holder.

For example, lightly trace a heart shape onto the can. Then, use an awl to punch evenly spaced holes along the traced shape.

Scrap Paper

There are an almost unending number of crafts you can make with scrap paper. You can use old greeting cards to make pretty placemats for your table. Cut a piece of cardboard to the desired size and shape for the finished placemat. Then, use glue to cover the cardboard base with cut up greeting cards.

After the glue dries, cover the placemat on the front and back with clear contact paper. Be sure the contact paper extends at least a quarter inch on each side of the placemat, so that the contact paper seals completely.

I saw these at a restaurant called Treebeards. They were festive and totally unique.

You can also cut greeting cards up into strips to make attractive bookmarks, covering them with clear contact paper if desired. Children often enjoy making mosaic pictures from scrap paper.

Simply cut colorful greeting cards or other colored scrap paper into small irregular shapes.

Then, children can glue these shapes onto a piece of paper to form pictures.

Investments for Beginners

investing for beginnersAfter you’ve begun to accumulate some savings, what do you do with it?

Although there’s no one answer that’s perfect for everyone, here are some ideas that will simplify matters for you.

First, you need to have some idea of when you may need to use the money. If you’ll need it for college next year, you’re going to be limited to investments that make it certain that your money will be there when you want it.

If, on the other hand, you’re saving for retirement 15 years down the road, you can afford to take a little risk that you might even lose money in some years.

Your Risk Comfort Zone

Next, consider your ability to take risk. There are two components that determine how much risk you should assume. We just looked at one, how soon you will need the money.

If you don’t need the money for 10 years and your investment loses money one year but gains the other nine it’s not a big deal. If you’ll need the money next year you don’t have that luxury.

The other consideration on risk is your own personality. Some people are mountain climbers. Others prefer a day at the beach.

If you’re a cautious person you won’t be comfortable with a risky, high-flying investment. Even if the investment does well, the sleepless nights and money you’ll spend on ulcer medicine will make it unsuitable for you!

Sizing Up Your SavingsSizing Up Your Savings

Finally, will you have all of the money to invest at one time? Or do you plan on saving $50 a month? Also consider how you will ultimately use the money. Will you want it all at once to buy a house? Or will you be using the money a little at a time when you’re retired?

Knowing this will help you select the right investment. For instance, if you’re saving $50 a month don’t buy individual stocks – commissions will take all your money.

Certificates of deposit (CDs) aren’t practical, either. You should consider savings accounts, money funds, or mutual funds.

By comparison, if you’ve just received an inheritance of $20,000 and want to use that as a down payment for a house in two years you’ll be able to consider individual stocks, bonds, CDs, treasury bills, and notes.

All of these investments require a sizable investment to be made at one time and sold or redeemed in one transaction.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the vehicle for your investment. You must remember to separate what you’re investing in from how you’re investing in it. What does that mean? Let’s take a simple case that demonstrates how there can be confusion.

One of the things that you can invest in is ownership of companies. One way to do that is to open your own restaurant. Another way is to buy a mutual fund that buys common stocks.

In both cases you own either part or all of a business and would expect to benefit if the business does well.

On the most basic level, there are really only four kinds of investments:

1. Equity

You can be a business owner. You would expect to make money if the business prospers. Typically, you’ll find that this type of investment is best if you have a longer-term view.

Owning a piece of the action is called for if you believe in the future of a business, an industry, and/or the economy generally. For me, this is mostly online assets until recently, as I have begun diversifying and buying some “hard” real estate by buying up a few Houston Heights homes for sale nearby my current home.

2. Debt Instruments

You can loan your money to someone for interest. Here, you give them a dollar today with the expectation that they will give you $1.05 or $1.10 later. It could be a loan to your brother-in-law or a bond issued by General Motors.

When you consider a debt instrument (loaning your money) there are a number of important variables. Safety, for instance.

Money loaned to the U.S. Treasury should be safe. Your brother-in-law will not be so safe. Typically you can expect to earn more interest from a borrower who is less safe.

You’ll need to balance the interest you earn with the risk of losing your money.

A key variable is the term of the loan. A certificate of deposit is for a relatively short period of time, say a few months or years.

By comparison, a corporate bond could be issued for 20 or even 30 years. You’ll find that shorter-term loans are usually safer, but pay less interest.

Again, there are a number of different ways to make this kind of investment. You can buy individual CDs or bonds, or you can buy bonds through a mutual fund.

3. Cash Equivalentsmaking cash money

A similar category is called cash equivalents. That’s where you loan your money for a short period of time (usually one year or less) and expect that your principal will be there whenever you want it without risk of loss. CDs, savings accounts, and money funds are good examples.

4. Hard Assets

Hard assets are things that are usually found in the earth and/or that cannot be easily reproduced by man. Gold, oil, and real estate fall into the category. This type of investment will do better in inflationary times. Again, you can either buy ounces of gold or buy a mutual fund that invests in gold companies.

Beginner’s Plan of Action

Most beginning investors should begin with cash equivalents until they have a fund big enough to meet unexpected family expenses. After that, you’ll want to consider equity and debt investments. Finally, some hard assets for balance.

Although not the only good answer, mutual funds often are a good selection for beginning investors. Most make putting money in or taking it out in small amounts easy.

Many mutual fund companies have choices in each of the categories, making it easy to match your needs.

How to Select a Money Making Niche for Your Next Niche Website

making money as an affiliateWhen you want to build a money making website the first and most important thing you will need to decide is what your website will be about. Many people talk and argue about the best theme / design for their site, how to increase click through rates on ads and how to write great articles that will make sales but the fact is that picking the right niche and then targeting the right keywords will result in the best conversion, the best click through rates on ads and better sales.

To test this theory I used the exact same theme, ad placement and ad color on two sites I had with similar traffic. One of the sites had 28% click through rate on the ads over a week (earning me lots of money), while the other only had 3% CTR. The websites looked exactly the same, but the first one just was a better niche and targeted visitors that were more likely to click on ads.

The type of visitors you get will help increase your adsense CTR and also increase sales for your affiliate sites. Whether you want people to click on ads, or buy products you need to start with a good niche and get the right type of visitors.

How to narrow in on good money making niches

Basically if I am going to build a website, I am going to build it about a product. You may be able get 10 000 visitors a day to a website about different species of grass, but if all they want is free information you will have a hard time making any money.

For my adsense websites I try to think of ads people would WANT to click on, then make a website around those types of topics (I will write a full post about this later) and for my adsense / amazon affiliate websites I make websites based around products, and then target buyer keywords.

I am always keeping my eyes open for new products to build websites about and make even more money online. Almost every month I find a new product that I never thought about that will definitely be a winner and make a lot of money if I can build a decent website around it.

From building sites, testing, and lots of research I have compiled a list of signs that a product will sell well online and make you lots of money!

Signs of a good niche / product to build a website about

  • Expensive items – This one is not super important but the more the product costs the higher your affiliate payout will be for each purchase.
  • Small items – I find people are more likely to shop for small items online because they know shipping will not be very expensive (maybe that’s just for Canadians like me though) If you make a website about a big item and your affiliate offers free shipping make sure you mention that before the link.
  • Rare items or harder to find in stores – If an item is hard to find in the stores people will be searching for it online. Other items can only be bought online like online training courses, e-books other items. If you can find build a website about something that can only be purchased online, or is harder to find in the stores you will have very high conversion.
  • Big price differences – some items are way cheaper online, if you find items that are very cheap online they will be easy to sell.

These are some of the conditions I have found are great for selecting a product to make a website about. You don’t need to meet every condition but it seems the more the better.

One product that meets all of these conditions would be expensive watches, you could build a website about the most popular expensive watches (ranging in price from $500 – $50 000). I have never tested very big items like t.v’s, but someone did buy a treadmill through one of my affilliate links so don’t completely give up on a product if it doesn’t meet all the conditions.

How I found my Niche for this Case Study

Ideas for niches can come from anywhere, t.v commercials, magazine ads, just walking around the store and looking at products (the more shelf space it takes up the more popular it is) you basically want to pay attention to what other people are buying. This is how I found the product for my newest niche website.

I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about how she just spent $500 online buying a certain type of food (she bought in bulk). She went on about the health benefits and how she couldn’t find it in any stores.

I did some keyword research and found over 5000 people a month search for the product name with a lot of other searches with 1000 – 5000 monthly searches related to the product. It is small, expensive, and hard to find in stores and also popular so it was perfect to make a website about.

After I determined that this is a good product to make a website about I needed to do some more keyword research, competition research and look into a domain name to buy. I will cover how I go about doing all of this very soon.

To help you find a good product or topic to make a website about read over this article and brainstorm about whatever comes to mind. You could even write everything down on paper and then brainstorm (keep writing down related products or topics until one jumps out at you) Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can learn about keyword research, and competition research.

Crypto Currencies – The New Way to Hide Money

One of the things you need to think about if you are to become Mega Rich is where to put your money so;

No one can take it from you
You don’t need to pay taxes
You can move your cash around easily with no one knowing where it is or what you are using it for

crypto coinsLuckily, this is easy to do today with the creation of “Crypto Currencies”.

Crypto currencies are electronic money that no government, bank or individual have any control over.

There are no central entities that can create a false market for these currencies, or “coins”.

Not only that, depending on demand for these coins, their price fluctuates due to direct need in the total monetary network. Not because of the Federal Reserve or any other government agency deciding to print more or less. It is a 100% free market.

I also think cryto currencies are a great strategic investment. Take for instance Aurum Gold Coins. I purchased quite a few when they were first brought to market.

Since purchasing them, I have made a 200% profit!

And the best part is you can actually get these coins for “free”.

I add quotes on the free part because Data Mining does take some pretty intensive resources.

A very fast computer in addition to the electrical requirements and time do all cost in one way or another. But if you have these resources, getting money for free truly is an option.

If you’ve never heard of BitCoin or crypto-currency, you REALLY need to look into the future of money. And see why I am getting deeper and deeper into this lucrative field.

Getting Rich With Your Own Product

product creationOne of the best ways to get rich is by having your own product.

Having your own product doesn’t just mean being able to keep all the profits. It also means having control over your entire sales campaign.

When people think about making money, especially online, they think about becoming an affiliate for someone else’s product first.

There’s nothing wrong with this strategy at all.

In fact, it’s a great way to start off.

As an affiliate you learn about traffic and conversions. And a whole lot more about marketing in general.

But the problem with being an affiliate is you have no control over anything.

For example, say the product owner did a bad job with their sales page and process. That means lower conversions for you.

And there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t change their sales page, improve their conversions or decide what payment predecessor to use.

You have NO control.

Or the product owner decides to retire. Or just kill the product to focus on something else.

You may have put in a lot of time and money only to see it all go down the drain on another person’s whim. NOT cool!

On the other hand, if YOU own the product, you have complete control over every aspect of the sales process or funnel.

You’re able to tweak each part of the process to improve conversions thus adding more profit.

So think about being a product owner in order to really get rich.

Having your own product is an asset. One that YOU can change at any time. And that is powerful.

3 Tips to Achieving Your Internet Entrepreneur Goals

Do you dream of the day where you have an online business that makes you plenty of money each and every month so you can be your own boss and do what YOU want, WHEN you want?

This is not an unrealistic dream!

You CAN create your own profitable online business – and make it a very enjoyable experience – IF you follow these very simple & practical tips.

Tip #1 – Find an idea that you are excited about!

This is very important. To sustain your business in the long-term you need to enjoy what you do. The only way to do it is to find an idea, product and niche that you feel passionate about.

Do some research online for ideas. Type a few terms into the search engines and see what ideas you find in your niche. You’ll be surprised at how many great ideas there are for you to grab and make your own.



Tip #2 – You need to invest time AND money!

You must realize that you will need to invest some capital into your online venture. This will be in the way of time AND money.

Some things in life just aren’t free and this is one of them. You need to start with some level of money to achieve your outcome.

If you have more time than money, that’s fine. In the beginning you can save money by doing most of the stuff you need to do yourself. If you use the time you have wisely, you will be rewarded over and over again.

The important thing to do is to sit down and work out a comfortable budget of time and money… and then stick to it.

If you can only afford to spend a fifty dollars per month and a few hours per day on your online business, then do some research to develop a plan BEFORE you get started.

Tip #3 – It will take time!

You need to understand that you will not start making your fortune overnight. Yes there are some that do, but this is not normal.

Do not try to take shortcuts because you think you can have an easier path to faster profits. This will lead to your downfall.

You need to understand and accept right from the start that it may take several months, maybe much longer, before you start showing any real profit.

You need to be patient and consistent. Don’t skip from one scheme to another. Develop a step-by-step plan that is right for you and follow it to the letter.

If you follow these tips, have faith and stick to your plan and you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

wealthy affiliate review

It’s common knowledge that in order for you to be successful online as an affiliate marketer, you need the right opportunity to take you from point A to point B. From where you are now, to where you want to be.

That’s obviously easier said than done. With literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of opportunities that storm your way on a regular basis, every time you browse the internet and probably do a search term for the “best internet marketing affiliate programs“.

If you stumbled upon this article though, it’s not a coincidence.

You have probably heard of the Wealthy Affiliate University already. An online educational institutionwealthy-affiliate-legit co-owned by Kyle and Carson (both internet marketing entrepreneurs) who launched this system roughly less than a decade ago. What once appeared to be a “nugget on the rough” is surprisingly one of the highly recommended affiliate programs today.

According to marketers, there is a good reason why this is so. They have a brilliant product that its affiliates can be proud to promote.

After all, they claim to be a university that is capable of teaching anyone the ins and outs of internet marketing, promises to take out all the guesswork involved, and take the individual step by step until he learns how to successfully and consistently make money online.

Members state that it is an online institution that has everything you need in place – from clear-cut tutorials (text and media), a site builder, unlimited hosting, keyword research and even “spy competition” tools, a content generator and SEO optimizer, and a goldmine forum – and much more, at a monthly price of $39.

Even critics have themselves scratching their heads when they conduct a thorough Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out all of these are included in the monthly membership – not to mention its affiliate program that claims to have all the tools and resources ready and in place.

wealthy affiliate reviewKyle and Carson wanted a program that can both help the internet marketing newbie and the seasoned veteran marketer. When Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was started, it became more than that, as new features and benefits were introduced. The price however, for quite a long time, has remained the same. According to them, it’s better to “have it underpriced and have WA overdeliver”. People stay longer, appreciate the value for their money, and even earn profit via their promotional campaign.

The university’s affiliates earn $20 for every individual they refer to WA, and are paid continuously that same amount per month, as long as their referrals remain active. They also have an upgrade feature for its members looking to get bigger savings via annual membership.

Affiliates earn $175 for every upgrade.

Wealthy Affiliate also has an “upsell” feature offering short term accreditation courses for its members who want to specialize on topics such as Article Marketing, Adwords, or Email Marketing. It even boasts of an incentive program for its top performing members, who are sponsored every February to an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas and attend the annual internet marketing convention, where one can meet and learn from other successful people.

WA has experienced tremendous growth in its list of affiliates because of all these benefits and advantages that a majority can attest to, making it one of the best internet marketing affiliate programs today.

Not Many success online only a few of us are real risk takers. once you get past all the doubt That’s when you realise there is NO RISK if you work smart and dont throw the towel in when its gets challenging!! I’m just a dad working for his family and not working to be paid – getting paid is a result of having a passion whats your passion?…. If you just Want to Relax and work from home but you still need to get more out of your business …