About Mark

Hi, this is Mark – Blogger and Affiliate Marketer.

mark schwartzThroughout my life I have spent years working on some type of marketing endeavor. I must say, that I thoroughly enjoy all the challenges and thrills of being a professional marketer. Most of all, I appreciate all the many great friends I have made throughout the years.

I first got my start marketing with a single WordPress Blog and I caught the bug. Later on I learned about affiliate marketing and how to earn some extra money on the Internet. Like many of you I have purchased a lot of how-to courses, most of them complete junk.

In 2011 things changed for me when I finally found a couple of Internet Marketing dudes that were extremely successful and were more than willing to share what they had learned.  I went through their courses and learned a ton of stuff and I still receive mentoring from them. As you go through the materials on my site I will be referring to them often.

For now, enjoy the materials on the site and please contact me with any questions.

Magic happens for those who take action.