How to Select a Money Making Niche for Your Next Niche Website

making money as an affiliateWhen you want to build a money making website the first and most important thing you will need to decide is what your website will be about. Many people talk and argue about the best theme / design for their site, how to increase click through rates on ads and how to write great articles that will make sales but the fact is that picking the right niche and then targeting the right keywords will result in the best conversion, the best click through rates on ads and better sales.

To test this theory I used the exact same theme, ad placement and ad color on two sites I had with similar traffic. One of the sites had 28% click through rate on the ads over a week (earning me lots of money), while the other only had 3% CTR. The websites looked exactly the same, but the first one just was a better niche and targeted visitors that were more likely to click on ads.

The type of visitors you get will help increase your adsense CTR and also increase sales for your affiliate sites. Whether you want people to click on ads, or buy products you need to start with a good niche and get the right type of visitors.

How to narrow in on good money making niches

Basically if I am going to build a website, I am going to build it about a product. You may be able get 10 000 visitors a day to a website about different species of grass, but if all they want is free information you will have a hard time making any money.

For my adsense websites I try to think of ads people would WANT to click on, then make a website around those types of topics (I will write a full post about this later) and for my adsense / amazon affiliate websites I make websites based around products, and then target buyer keywords.

I am always keeping my eyes open for new products to build websites about and make even more money online. Almost every month I find a new product that I never thought about that will definitely be a winner and make a lot of money if I can build a decent website around it.

From building sites, testing, and lots of research I have compiled a list of signs that a product will sell well online and make you lots of money!

Signs of a good niche / product to build a website about

  • Expensive items – This one is not super important but the more the product costs the higher your affiliate payout will be for each purchase.
  • Small items – I find people are more likely to shop for small items online because they know shipping will not be very expensive (maybe that’s just for Canadians like me though) If you make a website about a big item and your affiliate offers free shipping make sure you mention that before the link.
  • Rare items or harder to find in stores – If an item is hard to find in the stores people will be searching for it online. Other items can only be bought online like online training courses, e-books other items. If you can find build a website about something that can only be purchased online, or is harder to find in the stores you will have very high conversion.
  • Big price differences – some items are way cheaper online, if you find items that are very cheap online they will be easy to sell.

These are some of the conditions I have found are great for selecting a product to make a website about. You don’t need to meet every condition but it seems the more the better.

One product that meets all of these conditions would be expensive watches, you could build a website about the most popular expensive watches (ranging in price from $500 – $50 000). I have never tested very big items like t.v’s, but someone did buy a treadmill through one of my affilliate links so don’t completely give up on a product if it doesn’t meet all the conditions.

How I found my Niche for this Case Study

Ideas for niches can come from anywhere, t.v commercials, magazine ads, just walking around the store and looking at products (the more shelf space it takes up the more popular it is) you basically want to pay attention to what other people are buying. This is how I found the product for my newest niche website.

I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about how she just spent $500 online buying a certain type of food (she bought in bulk). She went on about the health benefits and how she couldn’t find it in any stores.

I did some keyword research and found over 5000 people a month search for the product name with a lot of other searches with 1000 – 5000 monthly searches related to the product. It is small, expensive, and hard to find in stores and also popular so it was perfect to make a website about.

After I determined that this is a good product to make a website about I needed to do some more keyword research, competition research and look into a domain name to buy. I will cover how I go about doing all of this very soon.

To help you find a good product or topic to make a website about read over this article and brainstorm about whatever comes to mind. You could even write everything down on paper and then brainstorm (keep writing down related products or topics until one jumps out at you) Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can learn about keyword research, and competition research.